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Foord International Trust

For conservative, absolute-return investors



The fund aims to achieve long-term inflation-beating US$ returns over rolling five-year periods from a conservatively managed portfolio of global investments reflecting Foord's prevailing best investment view.


  • With a moderate risk profile
  • Seeking preservation of capital and safe investment growth. 


Guernsey, Singapore, South Africa.

Performance Overview

Year Fund Return % MSCI World Return % US Inflation %
1997 (from 10/Mar) 9.1 13.1 1.3
1998 13.9 24.3 1.6
1999 -11.7 24.9 2.7
2000 23.7 -13.2 3.4
2001 -4.0 -16.8 1.6
2002 3.2 -19.9 2.5
2003 21.1 33.1 2.0
2004 13.0 14.7 3.3
2005 5.8 9.5 3.3
2006 18.4 20.1 2.5
2007 12.7 9.0 4.1
2008 -18.4 -40.7 0.0
2009 18.8 30.0 2.8
2010 10.2 11.8 1.4
2011 -1.1 -5.5 3.0
2012 11.2 15.8 1.8
2013 14.3 26.7 1.5
2014 -2.1 4.9 0.7
2015 1.8 -0.9 0.7
2016 1.1 7.5 2.2
2017 15.5 22.4 2.0
2018 -9.6 -8.7 1.9
2019 17.0 27.7 2.3
2020 (to 30/Apr) -4.3 -12.4 -1.0


To achieve meaningful inflation-beating US dollar returns over a full investment cycle.

Time horizon

Longer than three years.

Inception date

10 March 1997

Initial investment amount

US$10,000 or equivalent

Subsequent subscription amount

US$1,000 or equivalant

Significant restrictions

The portfolio may only invest in cash and Foord International Fund.

Income distributions

A roll-up fund with income being reinvested in the portfolio.

Income characteristics

Zero income yield as it does not distribute income.

Portfolio orientation

Fully invested in the Foord International Fund, a sub-fund of Foord SICAV, domiciled in Luxembourg.

Risk considerations

The fund is priced in US dollars. Among others, investment value is subject to foreign exchange risk, market risk and interest rate risk, and credit risk of the issuers.

Risk of loss

Moderate in periods shorter than three years. Subject to market volatility, lower in longer term.

Top 5
Security description Asset class Country of Listing Portfolio weight %
FMC Corp Equity US 8.1
Nestle Equity CH 5.4
Roche Holding Equity CH 4.6
SSE PLC Equity GB 4.5
CVS Health Corp Equity US 4.0

Monthly Commentary – April 2020

  • Developed market (+10.9%) and US (+13.1%) equities surged, with the S&P 500 achieving its fastest single-month rally since October 1974 – on coordinated and robust global monetary and fiscal policy responses and early indications of progress on potential COVID-19 therapies
  • Emerging markets (+9.2%) gained, led by India (+16.1%) and Russia (+11.5%) – India’s markets were buoyed by a $23 billion COVID-19 stimulus package while Russian markets were aided by the bottoming and subsequent rise in the oil price
  • Leading precious metals miner Wheaton Precious Metals (+37.2%) contributed the most to fund performance driven by increases in gold (+6.4%) and silver (+10.1%) – the fund’s derivative hedges detracted in the rapidly-rising market
  • Despite lower market volatility and the global equity rally, developed market bond yields including the US 10-year made new lows – bond investors continue their push into relative safe-havens amid economic uncertainty
  • The US dollar weakened marginally against the British pound (+1.7%) and Japanese yen (+1.0%) – after a period of strength
  • Cyclical industrial commodities including oil (+11.1%) and copper (+5.1%) rebounded – as global stimulus buoyed investor sentiment
  • The fund retains the S&P 500 hedges given the continued global economic uncertainty resulting from the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic – despite the significant monetary and fiscal stimulus measures enacted the path to economic recovery remains unclear at best

No initial fees and redemption fees are levied. A fixed annual fee of 1.35% is levied in the Foord International Fund.


Experience the compounding phenomenon of a sustained, long-term investment with Foord.

Using rand returns of Foord’s best investment view South African funds. ? In calculating the current value of your hypothetical investment, we have applied the long-term equity carve-out returns of Foord Asset Management's Global Balanced composite from 1 January 1990. These returns are gross of fees and taxes. Any information provided is not intended nor does it constitute financial, tax, legal, investment, or other type of advice, and the suitability or potential value of any information or particular investment source is not guaranteed. Performance may be affected by changes in the market or economic conditions and legal, regulatory and tax requirements. Distributions may be subject to mandatory withholding taxes. Foord does not provide any guarantee either with respect to the capital or the performance return of investments.
Using US dollar returns of Foord’s best investment view global fund. ? In calculating the current value of your investment, we have applied the long-term returns of the Foord International Trust. These returns are calculated net of fees. Past performance is no guarantee of future performance. Foord Asset Management (Singapore) Pte. Limited disclaims any liability for any loss, liability, or damages (whether direct or consequential) of any nature whatsoever that may be suffered as a result of, or which may be attributable, directly or indirectly to the use of or reliance upon the information provided.
Value Today: $0
Annualised Return: 0%
The annualised return is the effective annual percentage return achieved over the term of the investment. Results for an investment term of less than one year should be treated with caution.


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