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18 Jan 2023

Kick starting my child's financial journey

Ages 3 to 8 are important for learning and development. Children in this age-range consume information like a vacuum cleaner, relentless and non-discriminatory. Hence, we need to be more mindful and more intentional…

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12 Jan 2023

China - Turning a Corner?

Chinese equities were resilient in 2020 as the country (ironically) avoided the COVID-19 recessions that afflicted most other economies. China then heavily underperformed after implementing strict zero-COVID…

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12 Jan 2023

The Year in Review

Calendar year 2022 started with a tone of cautious optimism. However, all too swiftly markets succumbed to a new threat: rising global inflation. Investment professional LINDA EEDES describes how the inflation theme…

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10 Jan 2023


December’s market decline saw global equities ending the year down 18% in US dollar terms. Continued hawkish central bank rhetoric on quelling inflation, which has spread to the services sectors, clashed with…

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14 Dec 2022

Five Economic Risks Heading Into 2023

While markets were swept up by the holiday spirit, central banks continued to aggressively raise interest rates globally. During November we saw another sobering set of 75 basis point interest rate increases in…

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09 Dec 2022


Global equities had their best month of the year as investors drew cheer from the US Federal Reserve intimation that its unrelenting pace of interest rate increases may slow. Some early data pointed towards…

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