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08 Jul 2024

Markets In A Nutshell — For June 2024

The narrow US-market rally advanced in June, propelled to nosebleed highs by Wall Street’s relentless optimism. The S&P 500 Index closed the first half of the year more than 14% up. The air is becoming even thinner…

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02 Jul 2024

Ways The World Is Getting Better

We certainly don’t have to look too far to find negativity. Whether it’s in the news, via social media or even just through conversations with colleagues or friends and family around the dinner table, we’re fed a…

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10 Jun 2024


Investors continued to chase rainbows in May, powering world stock markets to a 4.1% gain. In the US, the leading stock indices again made new highs. The ‘Fantastic Four’ — Nvidia, Apple, Microsoft and Alphabet —…

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07 May 2024

Markets In A Nutshell — For April 2024

Developed world equity and bond markets slumped in April on a combination of hot inflation data and slowing economic growth in the world’s biggest economy. The US has now recorded three consecutive months of…

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10 Apr 2024

Performance Review — Light at the End of the Tunnel

The Foord International Fund is known for its resilience during market weakness. It is much more likely to lag in bull markets — and last year was no exception. In this article, Director Paul Cluer discusses why the…

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08 Apr 2024


World equity markets remained in go-go mode last month, with US bourses hurtling along at a giddy pace. The S&P 500 Index added another 3.1%, wrapping up the first quarter with a hefty double-digit gain and closing…

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