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10 Jul 2023

Foord International Fund Q2 2023 Commentary

"While the first two months of Q2 were seemingly uneventful, June was determined to not let the quarter slip quietly by" says Foord portfolio manager Brian Arcese.

Every quarter Foord multiple-counsellor portfolio managers, Brian Arcese and Ishreth Hassen provide commentary across the fund range against a global market backdrop.

The material in this podcast is provided for information purposes and does not constitute financial advice. Past performance is not necessarily a guide to future performance, and the value of investments may go up or down. For more information about our fund range and our terms and conditions, please visit Foord's website at


07 Dec 2023

Markets in a Nutshell — For November 2023

In our monthly podcast, ‘Markets in a nutshell’, Linda Eedes discusses what’s happened in global markets and economies over the past month, how we see things playing out and how Foord is positioned as a result.

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07 Dec 2023

Why ESG Has Always Been Part Of The Investment Process At Foord

Foord Asset Management portfolio manager Brian Arcese and Ruperto Ancajas dive into the evolving world of ESG and share more about Foord's unique approach in incorporating ESG factors and principles into our…

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